OCTOPUS OCEAN with its tentacles touching every port has service networks established worldwide.

Together with our partners we are committed to offering and maintaining the highest quality of products and service.

Just as each customer is unique, so too is each service partner. Our suppliers will be known to you our customer, by their own name.

Be sure that they will be the on-site, physical supplier to your vessel and as such are well prepared to make responsible delivery.


TransparencyComplete catering transparency

OCTOPUS OCEAN holds the provisions budget in strict trust, accepting its administration as a fiduciary responsibility.

We guarantee that every supply will be based on net prices – no hidden discounts for the caterer because these do significantly reduce the owner´s/ crew´s budget.

Our accounting system ensures that we can present every supplier´s invoice --- at your office, at your desk, at any time.


EfficiencyPurchasing tools

OCTOPUS OCEAN communicates daily in all time zones to obtain detailed price and quality comparisons and to consider worldwide currency fluctuations.

Market knowledge leads to wise purchasing thus every port is of interest.

Please provide us with your vessels´ sailing list for complete analysis of price comparisons.


ProvisionsCullinary Skills implementation

The secret of a good dish is the simplicity of the recipe, the results depending on the quality of the provisions and, of course, on the craft of the cook and his care for food.

“ Cooking is a never-ending learning process ”

OCTOPUS OCEAN offers a custom-tailored provisions service ensuring a balanced & healthy nutrition on board.

Designed and adapted to Seamen's life.


EpitomeThe intelligent kitchen

Food and cooking hygiene includes a large number of routines which should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards.

Food can transmit diseases from person to person and serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Equip your galley crew with our booklet.

This 206-page booklet, including numerous color pictures, explains many “How to Do” skills.

Enjoy your meal any time and everywhere.


Attendance ReportCaptain's feedback

OCTOPUS OCEAN´s management system includes an Attendance Report which allows the captain and crew to evaluate the quality and level of service of each delivery.